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Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) is a community of learning that is enriched by the wide variety of experiences and perspectives of its students, faculty and staffs. The prestigious varsity is deeply committed to building a diverse campus community to ensure that student, faculty and staff members can explore their interests, discover new academic and extracurricular pursuits, and just as importantly learn from each other.

JNU attracts students from all over the country and abroad, and from diverse strata of society. JNU has come to be deemed the best University in the nation today and is among the better- known Universities of the world. JNU has around 400 foreign students from around 50 countries from all over the world, a fair chunk of them coming from South Asia, South-East Asia, Central Asia, Africa and Europe. The International Students’ Association (ISA) is an official Jawaharlal Nehru University body. It was instituted in 1985 with a view to promote friendly relations and cultural exchange among international students and with the host students of the varsity. ISA looks after the interest of the overseas students studying in Jawaharlal Nehru University. The association renders assistance to new entrants, solves problems of foreign students and ensures better facilities for international students.
Prof. Abdul Nafey, the Dean of Students and Prof. Manjushree Chauhan, the International Students Advisor of JNU take care of the problems of the foreign students. All international students studying here agree that JNU has some of the best faculties, whose teachers are very capable and helpful, both in terms of teaching as well as providing academic and moral support to the students. There is a close cross-cultural interaction of foreign students with students from India so that the atmosphere of the campus is that of a big family. However, one cannot deny the existence of certain problems of adjustment that foreign students have to face, even though the academic environment is congenial. One such problem is that related to food, but this problem gets tackled once the student spends some time in India and gets accustomed to the food here. There are other problems related to hostels, weather in India, water and sanitation too. But problems like these can be tackled.
The ISA has a constitution and elected executive, cultural, advisory and financial committees. In keeping with the ethos of JNU, the ISA functions democratically and regular General Body Meetings are held. All foreign students of JNU are also members of the ISA. The ISA is their space to communicate their ideas, discuss their problems and organize various inter-cultural activities. This year, for instance, the FSA held a welcome party for fresh students.
ISA also conduct Language and Culture classes free of charge for JNU students, which include Japanese, German, English, Arabic, Hindi and Urdu classes with the help of ISA members and Indian students. A Delhi sight-seeing tour was organized. Different tours, Picnics and Heritage trips are organized. International Film Festival screened films of different counties to show the cultures and life style around the world. “Thursday Forum” is the discussion session held in ISA for international students to come and discuss different issues, topics and interact. This year the Sri Lankan High Commissioner was invited to talk on the Sri Lankan Conflict.
The International Food Festival saw students from 21 countries participating with exotic dishes from their countries, cooked by them.
FSA organizes different social, cultural and sports activities between foreign and Indian students. Some of the annual and most popular activities of ISA are as follows:

  • Freshers’ Welcome
  • International Cultural Festival
  • International Food Festival
  • International Film Festival
  • Sports Meet
  • Farewell Party
ISA organizes different sports activities between foreign and Indian students. International Cultural Festival, Farewell Party, Social Gathering, are the annual events of Foreign Students. ON different occasions, the diplomats of several countries, the Vice- Chancellor and Rectors of JNU, the International Students’ Advisor, the Dean of Students, the Programme Director and staff of ICCR and teachers and students from other Universities are invited.

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